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earl and water. now a tropical storm heading north, carrying winds and rain but less intensity than had been feared. we'll talk about the biggest storm to head up the coast in years. new zealand still reeling from the quake that collapsed buildings and shut off power. we'll talk to a reporter who was there during the scary moments. an epidemic of prescription drug addiction, not among teens or college kids but baby boomers. we'll tell you the telltale signs someone you love could be
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in trouble. ad men. we used to try to avoid commercials, now millions of us watch them over and over online just for fun. "early" this saturday september 4th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs hey, good morning, everyone. welcome to ""the early show"" on this saturday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm erica hill. >> sadly it's the unofficial into summer but not for us. >> yeah not for us. >> we're having a summer here on the plaza. we have a huge party planned. >> we also have a really huge gift planned for three very deserving women. they have been doing good deeds for their communities. erica, tori and stephanie will be joining us later.
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they've been doing such great things for their own community, we wanted to do some pampering for them today. >> they deserve it. we can't wait to see what we've done with them in about two hours from now. let's get to our top story this morning. what began as an intense hurricane ended when earl lost its punch when it pushed north. dean reynolds is in chatham, massachusetts, to assess the damage there. dean good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. it appears this could have been a lot worse with only a few minor power outages and some isolated flooding. it appears that earl turned out to be a very gentle hurricane. it brought rain and wind but in manageable portions because the colder water was encountered, as it steamed north, zap edped it of its strength. while colder air sent it swirling in a more easterly direction. seas churned with 15-foot waves off cape cod in some places and
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winds reached 75 miles per hour but mostly the breeze off the sea moved at a 30 to 40-mile-an-hour clip. earl drenched shoreline communities from north carolina to maine in the last 36 hours and most swimmers were kept occupant of the water due to danger dangerous rip tides, but for many the storm was weak enough to go outside and watch in person. >> really the first hurricane i've ever been in or like really even heard about. so it's really interesting. >> reporter: a beach goer in new jersey was less impressed. >> missed the mark. >> reporter: in earl's wake many were eager to get back to business on this holiday weekend. and the forecast for today on the cape should make earl a distant memory. 81 degrees, partly sunny. perfect for a holiday weekend. chris? >> the calm after the storm. dean reynolds thank you. what prevented earl from making landfall? we go to our miami station,
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wfor. good morning to you. >> good morning, chris. >> lots of hype. a lot of people are saying hey, what happened? what did prevent earl from making landfall? >> i think we need to take a little look at history. we talked a lot about hurricane bob in 1991. that was really the last big storm to affect new england. and i put the track of bob on here in yellow. bob went over cape hatteras and then it went right over coastal rhode island and cape cod. >> okay. quick signal issue right there with david bernard from wfor in miami. now to our other big story this morning. a state of emergency has been declared in new zealand after a powerful earthquake rocked the south island. no deaths are reported but there is widespread damage. >> reporter: toppled buildings, flooded streets, crushed cars and even a fire. this is what the people of christchurch face today after a powerful 7.0 magazinenynitude
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earthquake. >> it was shaking back and forth as if it's been hit by something. >> reporter: many say it's a miracle no one died in the quake, which was as strong as the one that hit haiti earlier this year. new zealand experiences thousands of earthquakes annually, so the buildings are well fortified. loss of power and water to many parts of christchurch has led the city's mayor to declare a state of emergency. >> there are an awful lot of ordinary folk right here in christchurch city today who have lost a lot of possessions. some of them are not sure where they will be tonight. >> reporter: the original quake lasted just 40 seconds, witnesses say, but a strong aftershocks continue to hit the area it could take months for this city to return to normal.
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celia, cbs news beijing. >> curtis ming reporter for qovr. curtis happened to be on vacation in new zealand with another kovr reporter. >> good morning quite a rude awakening. i felt a little bit of shaking and sat up and it kept going and going, getting stronger and stronger. it was quite the jolt realized it was a pretty powerful earthquake. >> you work out in california, so i'm sure you experienced your share of earthquakes before and knew what was going on. did you have any idea of the magnitude, though that it was a 7.0? >> i actually didn't. i went through the earthquake of 1989 in san francisco. that felt to me mof an earthquake. i started walking block by block and started seeing the damage. >> i'm sure the reporter in you
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took over. what kind of damage have you seen? is it widespread? you're not far from the epicenter from this thing. >> no, we're not fall. we're right downtown christchurch with older buildings. pretty severe damage buildings that looked like bombs went off with glass and bricks all throughout the street. a lot of buildings in this town are built in brick and bricks don't do so well in earthquakes. >> how about aftershocks, have you felt any since? >> dozens. in the last half hour there have been two aftershocks, pretty good jolt. nothing near what the big jolt was. i believe we probably had dozens of small earthquakes since the initial big jolt. >> there have been some reports of looting going on. from what you've seen do officials seem to have control of the situation there or is it out of control in some pockets? >> you know, it has -- seems to be very under control, very impressed. i was walking before the sun came up. there were a lot of people.
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storm fronts s storefronts where the glass had been busted out. people could have easily gone in there and looted and we didn't see anything like that happening. police came in cordoned off the streets and were keeping people out of the area. >> are you going to be able to get out? how much more time did you have in new zealand? did it effect your travel plans at all? >> we're hoping there won't be any delays at the airport and we can get out of here. >> luckily, you're safe. thank you for taking the time in joining us this morning, curtis. curtis ming from our sacramento affiliate. president obama is expected to propose a new package to jump-start the sluggish economy and spark job growth after the labor department said friday that the nation's unemployment rate rose one-tenth a percent to 9.6% and cbs senior news correspondent has the report. >> reporter: the economy created
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just 67,000 private sector jobs in august. >> we're not seeing robust job gains. importantly, we're not seeing the kind of job gains that would bring down the unemployment rate. >> reporter: the median length of unemployment fell below 20 weeks, down from 22.2 weeks in july. 19,000 construction jobs were added last month and 17,000 temporary jobs. nearly 400,000 temporary jobs have been added over the past year. >> almost all of our expansion over the last year has been with the use of temp employees. >> reporter: daniel herrick, cfo of eye wear in connecticut has hired 13 workers in the past year. he is still being cautious in this uncertain economy. >> we will continue to use temp employees for the short term until such time as we feel that the growth that we're experiencing is sustainable. >> reporter: weak as the job numbers were they were still better than wall street expected. the dow rallied 127 points and now is back in positive territory for the year.
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as confidence grew the economy can avoid a double-dip recession. anthony mason, cbs news new york. >> even though the unemployment level edged up modestly it does suggest suggest, perhaps, that the nation's economy is moving forward. for more on this, we join john challenger chief executive for outplacement for challenger gray and christmas, a consulting firm. great to have you with us this morning. >> nice to be with you, rebecca. >> i wanted to start off where anthony mason left off. we've seen these eight straight month s months. unemployment is still 9.6%. what's your read on the jobs picture right now? >> we're in the first year of recovery. everybody expects so much. if you look at the last two first years after a recession, '91 recession and 2001 recession, we've seen unemployment go up. even though it's not the kind of
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job growth we would like it's much better than we've seen coming out of previous recession. >> define for us if you will, what kind of job growth you would like to see. what kind of growth would bring us back to those more 5% unemployment levels the type we would call normal? >> most feel we need at least 100,000 jobs a month added just to stay even with the population. we've seen about 90,000 each month so far this year from the private sector. so the key really is probably when we get up to that 200,000, 250,000 plus level, that will start to drive unemployment down and that may still take some time well into 2011. >> let's talk about where the jobs are now. which sectors are seeing growth and do you expect to see that growth going forward? >> health care has been the strong est strongest of this economy, right through the recession, continuing to create jobs. we're also now seeing jobs from areas like energy mining in the
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labor department numbers but energy we know is strong. the global economy is starting to grow. so peal people with global experience in the u.s. should stand out, accounting and finance is another good area. those are some of the skilled professions and industries that will lead to more job growth and be strong areas of strength in the future. >> john any more areas that people who are looking for jobs right now might want to look to as areas that will grow in the future? >> technology of course is also another area that you can expect to see more growth. technology. spending, business spending has been significantly up over the last year. companies are sitting on a lot of cash and are beginning to reinvest that in computers and technology. they didn't buy over the recession. that should be good for i.t. workers. >> john challenger thank you very much. john challenger from chicago. have a great holiday weekend ahead. >> you, too, thanks. now for a look at the other
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morning's top stories, we turn to betty nguyen. a couple that worked at one of the two egg farms faulted for the massive egg recall says they blew the whistle on unsanitary conditions at the plant and no one listened. thousands of people have fau fallen sick to salmonella poisoning. cynthia bowers reports. >> reporter: former employees at wright county egg are now coming forward to describe conditions in the plants that nearly defy belief. >> tools are coming through, cat, myself, dead myself, chicken bones, live chickens dead chickens. >> deanna and her husband robert who now own a small egg farm worked at wright county in 2002 and 2008. she says the company routinely took eggs returned by grocery stores and repackaged them as fresh. arnolds say their complaint ss to
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supervisors went nowhere. >> i blame management for that. >> reporter: as for their complaints to on-site usda inspectors, the usda says the workers were there solely to inspect eggs for labeling but tell cbs news their employees don't remember any of the conditions or complaints. in a statement friday, agriculture secretary says the case exemplifies the critical need to make significant improvements in the nation's food safety system. wright county responded to the arnolds' claims and says any time there is a perceived issue on our farm, we expect our employees to immediately bring it to our attention. to the best of our knowledge, no concerns were ever raised. for his part robert arnold wonders what more he might have done and what it might have meant. >> when i was doing the complaining, when my wife was doing the complaining, nobody was listening and we didn't take it another step further. maybe we could have saved 3,000 people from getting sick.
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we will hear specifically from deanna and robert arnold in the next hour. james lee discovery channel's headquarters earlier this week. >> sir, where are you located? >> there's a hostage, discover building discovery. there's someone in the building with guns. i can see people on the floor in the building. >> there's people on the floor in the bidding? >> yes, i can see it. >> other callers describe propane tanks strapped to lee's body and a blinking twice on his left hand. lee took three hostages after hours of negotiations he was shot and killed by police and the hostages escaped unharmed. you wouldn't call tennis a violent sport, but nobody told fans at the u.s. open during a match. cell phone video posted online shows an older woman slapping a young man, apparently over his repeated use of an offensive
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word. look at this. moments later, the woman's father attacks the young man. there it is. they tumble. soon after that the woman then takes another swing. no one was arrested or seriously hurt. but all three reportedly have been banned from attending the u.s. open until 2010. goodness. lonnie quinn
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>> all right, everybody. wherever you are, make it a great day today. no matter what the weather is doing. speaking of the weather, as far as the northeast goes yesterday, the eastern seaboard we talked yesterday in the evening. if the worst part of your friday was the fact that a hurricane stayed 100 miles off your shores that's a pretty good thing. >> what about the after-effects
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today? rip currents and everything. >> you get the calm before the storm and after the storm. this storm will continue to have winds that kick in today. it ends up being a big factor in terms of rip currents. it has to retreat in a single channel. it's going to be huge. you're right, chris r people look at the skies and say storm is gone sun is out. let's go to the beach. just be careful. definitely swim in protected beaches today. >> lonnie thank you. still to come here on ""the early show", where america stands hitting the road or staying home. a real issue sweeping the nation hitting the baby boomers. pharmageddon prescription drugs. you'll be surprised at the statistics and who is at risk here on "the early show" here on cbs.
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this week we wanted to take a snapshot of the country on this holiday weekend. are americans vacationing or staycat oichlt ning shopping or saving? is anyone else besides us working on this weekend? with the final farewell, rob kurtz. this whole labor day thing, for people saying what is this holiday all about? >> little history lesson. great time to have a cookout. it dates back to 1894 president grover cleveland signed it into law, recognizing the american worker. we're working on the weekend here. >> labor day may as well be here. when in rome. let's talk about travel. so many people hit the roads right now. last year stay-cations were the thing to do with the recession. we're not totally out of the recession at this point. what are people doing? >> things are looking better,
8:22 am
people are traveling. 34.4 million people are out on the roads and in the skies this weekend, a jump of about 10% from last year. think about this time last year the economy was in pretty bleak shape. things are looking a little bit better now. >> would you explain the increase as anything more than that? >> people are feeling better. unofficial end of summer. people decided it's time to take a break. they know they'll probably not get a job this weekend so it's time to get out there, see some friends or family. >> how about air travel as it relates to auto travel? >> very small. very much a driving holiday. 91% of those 34 million will hit the roads and only 5% are taking to the skies. it's only a three-day weekend. you can't go that far and people are sticking close to home. >> spending a little over $650 on average for the weekend. what are they spending it on? >> mostly dining out, as you would imagine, those cookouts and shopping. this is a big shopping this weekend. spending is up 50 bucks from last year. it's a sign things are getting a little bit better. >> is that the big old back to
8:23 am
school? >> yes, unfortunately some of them had to go back to school already, but many are go after labor day. parents are going online looking for the sales. this is a big sale weekend. >> i was thinking of going to some of the stores today. what are the sales i should be looking for? >> we always see the department stores. online is a big thing now. parents especially doing back-to-school shopping spend almost $300 more online that impulse buy. car shopping another big thing. dealers are looking to clear out the 2010 models making way for new ones. >> i can speak from experience. >> congratulations. >> i didn't even know it t was a good time to buy. have a happy holiday weekend. >> you as well. >> thank you for working with us this morning. prescription drug epidemic hitting the baby boomer generation pharmageddon. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs.
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♪ welcome back. it is now time for what analysts here at "the early show" have labeled the segment in all of morning television those analysts becky and i bring you your weekly trip under the radar. did you realize that was an added title, news correspondent and analyst? >> i didn't realize that but i do crunch numbers in my spare
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time. >> divers off finishland vintage bubbly found on a shipwreck buried beneath the baltic sea, believed to date back to the early 1800s. they also discovered a handful of beer bottles as well. >> something for everyone? >> it was labeled a booze cruise on the way back. no one believed them. next coming to a roadside near you, sweet relief. luxury toilets, raising the bar on public bathrooms. for $5 travelers in louisiana get a hotel-style key and then they get a clean and spacious private room to complete their business, so to speak. and some feel the idea of a ritzy restroom is a crap shoot. >> oh, no. >> yeah but owner chad cole believes people are willing to pay for a posh potty. flashy flush is a working name. >> i like it to be honest with you. finally, katie perry seeing
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her dream "teenage dream," move over katie. here is keenan. take a look at this real quick. we love it. local news is next. good morning, i'm gigi barnett. it's saturday, september 4th. as hurricane earl moves away from a hurricane, the governor calls it still a riskening no damage was reported. strict swimming restrictions still remain because of the surf and rip tides. firefighters say that someone intentionally set a fast moving fire yesterday on valiant circle. a woman and her baby were asleep and both got out alive. damage totaled more than $140,000 police are asking
8:28 am
anyone with information about the crime to call them. bad news for raven's fans. ed reid will start his season on the physically unable to perform list. while he recovered from hip surgery, he'll sit out for six games. he's yet to practice this season. and there's a nice holiday weekend ahead. 82 degrees and currently sunny and breezy and less humid today and tonight, 53 degrees and breezy and otherwise clear an tomorrow, sunshine and sunny and 78 degrees.
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hope everyone's holiday weekend is getting off to a great start. welcome back to the early show. i'm rebecca jarvis. >> and i'm chris wragge. pharmageddon, baby boomers addicted to prescription pills. we'll talk to someone who has actually lived through it. the top five viral ads of all time. why we love them. remember this one? ♪
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>> did you audition for that one or -- >> i'm too old. >> oh, okay. just wanted to make sure. >> ways to cut costs in your kitchen. we can guarantee -- i mean guarantee. wait until you hear some of these things. you have never heard of these ideas before and i will put my money where my mouth is. making the entire nation a bet over $100 right now could be yours if you've heard of all five of these ideas. you've heard of a couple not all five. >> very good. >> great stuff, to be honest with you. we'll take another check of the morning's headlines. betty nguyen is at the news desk. >> i think i'll take that bet, all right? let's get to the news shall we? an arizona woman is recovering from having acid thrown at her. the victim suffered second-degree burns to her face and chest. she was attacked in the parking lot of her apartment complex on thursday. police say it does not appear to be random and they are following several leads. a grade school in kentucky has temporarily banned lunch boxes and backpacks in an effort to keep the bed bugs out.
8:32 am
the blood-sucking pests do not spread or transmit disease but they do bite. an exterminator was called in after the bugs were found in a classroom and in a student's backpack. song writer kara dioguardi is calling it quits. it follows her departure after ellen degeneres and simon cowell and leaves randy jackson as the last judge standing, for now, that is. jennifer lopez is rumored to be front-runner for the panel. lonnie quinn, good morning. good morning to you, betty. all right. what do we have going here? party down. i'm seeing a lot of football activity because it's kick-off weekend in college football. who do we have? university of -- auburn. seminoles from florida state.
8:33 am
let's talk some weather, though. take a look at the whole country. it's pretty quiet out there. earl is exiting and will make its first landfall most likely around nova scotia and wet weather in the south. gusty winds. as far as hot spots go head out west. gusty winds, red flag warnings and heat warnings from phoenix to salt lake city to twin falls, where the warmest temps will be found. that's a quick look at the national picture. here is a closer look at the weather for your weekend. >> we don't want to leave out iowa. hawkeyes in our house.
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back to you, rebecca. >> thank you lonnie. coming up next inside pharmageddon. baby boomers addicted to prescription pills. how to tell if someone you care about has a problem, up next on "the early show" here on cbs. [ female announcer ] your precious eyes. when allergies make them itch don't wait for your pills to kick in. choose alaway from the eye health experts at bausch & lomb. it works in minutes and up to 12 hours. bausch & lomb alaway. because it's not just your allergies, it's your eyes. ♪ ♪
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this morning on health watch, the alarming rise in prescription drug abuse among baby boomers. the current issue of "time" magazine describes a national epidemic of pill popping so bad it's being called pharmageddon. numbers tell a disturbing story. deaths from accidental overdoses have increased five-fold and for the first time unintentional overdoses have replaced car accidents as the leading cause of accidental death in 15 states and the district of columbia. medical director of the hanley center on addiction treatment facility joins us and from miami, a recovering prescription drug addict and former patient at hanley. ron, dr. krantz it's great to
8:38 am
have you with us this morning. >> good morning, rebecca. >> good morning, rebecca. >> good morning, ron. and we'll come to you in a minute i want to start off with dr. krantz. you say it's a pandemic. how did we get to these pandemic proportions? >> it definitely is a pandemic in the united states today and we got there essentially in the late 1990s, there was a paradigm shift for treating chronic pain. so it made the perfect storm. people now were going to their physicians and they have arthritis, the weekend warriors baby boomers, and they're saying i have this pain and doctors are over-prescribing. >> and they need a quick fix for it? >> absolutely. >> who is more at risk for falling prey? >> the most at risk are not the street junkies, the typical stereotype that you would think of but the people that are working, that are educated, that
8:39 am
have had professions that are now looking for that better living through better chemistry. >> ron, you sort of fall into that category of individuals. you're a baby boomer. you've been through this. walk us through your story. how did you get to where you are today? and what was it that took you to the depths of prescription abuse early on in your life? >> for me first, good morning. it's great to be here with you guys. for me, it started at a very young age, at the age of 10 i had some anxiety problems and i was given a prescription for phenobarbitol. i believe that set me off in the direction of not dealing with things that bothered me and going to doctors and asking for a quick fix, something to help me feel better. over the course of my youth, growing up in the '60s, the culture was encouraging towards social drug use. as i got into my professional
8:40 am
career as a professional businessman, i went to doctors and i got prescriptions for stress and it just mushroomed and progressed from there. at the age of -- my first surgery, i was given a prescription medication for pain vicodin. and as i grew older, i just became, you know slowly more and more dependent on taking medications to help me get up for work and get through my day. >> dr. krantz i want to come to you on what people can do to avert this crisis and also if they see it in someone that they love, what the signs are. so, let's start out with the activity abandon or reduce. you say that's a specific sign to watch for in your loved ones. >> exactly. there's a progression isolation that occurs in their life where they get to is that the drug is
8:41 am
the only thing that's important to them obtaining the drug. >> so, dependence on the drug is another sign? >> dependence tolerance, withdrawal is another sign. >> duration or amount greater than intended personal consequences that they can't cut down or control it. lastly you say it's time consuming. these are the big signs to watch for? >> absolutely. what happens is that the person finds themselves needing to take more of the prescription drug than intended or prescribed and then they're taking friends or asking friends for their drugs. we saw a serious increase in the baby boomer drug addict. about 70% of our patients at hanley are baby boomers. we have a special program for them now. >> we're happy you're drawing attention. >> thank you. >> thank you for what you're doing, dr. krantz. ron, thank you for being with us us. we're happy to see you in your recovery. >> thank you very much for having me.
8:42 am
>> have a nice weekend to both of you. for more on drug addictions and treatments go to and search prescription drug abuse. chris, over to you. rebecca, thank you. boy, do we have a segment for you at home folks. do your eggs ss float, do you have champagne that's gone bad? what does that whole floating egg thing mean? seven things that will amaze you and save you big money in the kitchen. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs.
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i feel our first labor day gifts coming on. this is for your kitchen, the heart of every home. it's where families start and end the day and a place to cut corners and save big-time money. an easy way to save that money in the most popular room in the house. lisa quinn, the author of "life's too short to fold fitted sheets." not a day goes by that i don't
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say that. >> you just roll them up and shove them in the linen closet. >> champagne, anybody out there, you open up ta the bottle. >> unless you have those great little stoppers you're in trouble. grab a few raisins. throw it in there. it will bring the bubbles back. best way to do it is to throw it in the bottle ten minutes before you're ready to serve it again. >> what about the raisins bring it back to life? >> the sugar in them. it will stick to the rigids and turn it into bubbles. >> cheese here. >> you may pull up some of these cheeses, put them in the fridge and they get hard on the edges. >> how do you preserve them? >> a little butter another dairy product. smear it over the pieces that actually will be around the air. it will take care of of it. another thing with cheese, when you finally do get to the rhine part, save it. put it in a chicken stock or soup stock, aing a nice flavor to it. it makes a homemade soup taste
8:47 am
like restaurant soup. >> never would have thought of that. there is a theory to tell whether an egg is good or bad. >> nobody wants to open up a rotten egg. put it in water. bad eggs float. >> really? why? >> i don't know but they do. >> we can't explain it but we can tell you they do. >> one of life's mysteries. the good ones will sink right to the bottom. instead of trying to crack open a stinky egg, do that first. >> lemons. lonnie quinn does this all the time. cuts the lemon in half when he's trying to highlight his hair and then half -- >> if you're making margaritas this weekend or something like that, we end up cutting it open and it dries up. if you have a chopstick or if you have a small knife, all you have to do -- i'll give this to you here. cut a little hole in it right here. squeeze it into your drinks over your salmon. then you haven't opened the whole thing. >> lasts longer because with this, as you know you leave the
8:48 am
other half there, forget about it. before you know it it's shot. the fruit, i had no idea about it. you want to keep apples away from the rest of the fruit. >> they say one apple ruins the bunch. one good apple can ruin the burchl, too. gases come out of the skin of the apple and will make all your other fruits die faster. >> put it in a separate bowl or at the other end of the counter? >> keep them apartment if you want to hang on to it. >> gas is in the apples. you have cookies here that aren't too fresh right now. >> you made cookies. you don't eat them all, keep them out overnight and next morning they're too hard. cut some apple. the moisture from the apple will bring them back to life. put the top back on there. you're good to go. >> how long does this usually take? >> i do it overnight. >> wow! >> yeah. >> had no idea. i throw away more stuff because it's no good or -- >> we're a nation of wasters. >> you got that right. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it was really, really great. i wish i could say i knew about this stuff but i had no idea.
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these money-saving tips are on our website, nbc cbsnews/saturday. top five viral ads of all time. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. did you know you don't have to buy expensive sunglasses to protect your eyes. cheap sunglasses off the street had just as much uv protection as expensive glasses from popular stores. for "the early show" this saturday morning, i'm susan koeppen.
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8:53 am
>> some "mad men" for you on a saturday morning. we used to do anything to avoid them on television. now the ones that catch our eye go viral on the internet with hundreds of millions of people watching them over and over again. >> advertising age put out the list of the top commercials. laura, thank you for being here. >> so great to be here. >> people will fast forward through them leave the room. you put them on the internet and people will watch them and send them to their friends and a company will get tons of free press. >> it's so true. people get dvrs, close pop-up windows. viral ads tend to be more entertaining educational and often come to you from a friend or family member so they come from a trusted source and then you watch them. >> to your top five here. we'll start with number five on the list.
8:54 am
microsoft ad it has over 42 million views. >> yep. that ad really took the world by storm. a big reason for that is that it simply is explaining what this new device does. it's a controller free device x-box and not a lot of bells and whistles. it shows how different demographics can use their body to control the game. >> worth 42 million views? >> if you really like video games, i think you'll tune in and watch scantly clad out fits. >> are you saying that's what
8:55 am
made it? >> yeah. >> let's take a listen to this one. >> well, friends, like all good things this too, must end. bermuda triangle mysteries need solving with huge magnifying glass and everyone knows -- >> i could see why -- i mean this -- >> he has become a national sensation. >> completely. it shows that old spice is not your father or grandfather's. >> putting it on the internet make it is cooler and more hip. >> exactly. they had him actually direct bloggers by saying their names and pointing out specific sites and it made bloggers want to run these ads. >> number two, the evian ad. >> the babies. >> 100 million. >> apparently people want to see more babies. >> think about the e-trade babies, super bowl ads. you think about ally mcbeal
8:56 am
dancing baby. consumers love babies in ads. >> they also love humor. blendtex for a blender. >> it's really interesting. you watch -- here it goes. >> 134 million views there. by putting the iphone into a blender. >> he has blended all sorts of things everything from golf balls, iphones, ipads. >> he has the do not try this at home option and definitely try this at home. blending the iphone falls into the do not try this at home. >> i would think so. >> i guess does the message get lost a little bit? do people actually know what all these are for? >> that poses a great question. that's what a lot of marketers have to be careful about when they create these ads, does the sensational factor of the ad override the branding message? that does happen some time.
8:57 am
>> laura, thank you very much. check out the fullll list of the top ten viral ads of all time head to our website. for some of you, your local news is next. for others we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" good morning, i'm gigi barnett. it's saturday, september 4th. as hurricane earl moves away from a hurricane, the governor calls it still a riskening no damage was reported. strict swimming restrictions still remain because of the surf and rip tides. firefighters say that someone intentionally set a fast moving fire yesterday on valiant circle. a woman and her baby were asleep and both got out alive. damage totaled more than $140,000 police are asking anyone with information about
8:58 am
the crime to call them. bad news for raven's fans. ed reid will start his season on the physically unable to perform list. while he recovered from hip surgery, he'll sit out for six games. he's yet to practice this season. and there's a nice holiday weekend ahead. 82 degrees and currently sunny and breezy and less humid today and tonight, 53 degrees and breezy and otherwise clear an tomorrow, sunshine and sunny and 78 degrees. have a happñññññññññññññññç
8:59 am
9:00 am
breathing easy earl causes less damage than feared. what's coming next? we'll have the latest on the storm's path and what danger lies on the horizon. bad eggs. for the first time workers from egg-producing farms are revealing disturbing details about conditions they say are too filthy to believe. we'll have an exclusive interview with two key players. open to success, 18-year-old tennis prodigy has become the top of the open. her family is talking exclusively to the early show this morning.
9:01 am
a taste of the holiday. get ready for ribs, hot dogs, buffalo chicken, cuban burgers and grilled bananas a la mode as we celebrate with our big show spectacular "early" this saturday morning, september 4th 2010. good morning once again. hi, everybody. welcome back to the early show. i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm rebecca jarvis in for erica hill. we have a great crowd. >> do you know why? >> why? >> this is cbs, which is your college football network. >> yeah baby. >> college football weekend. michigan state, right? >> yeah! >> the folks of auburn here. florida state, university of miami. >> they're here to represent. >> taking on some patsies today. >> get in trouble for that wragge. >> great college football matches. >> write the angry letters to chris, not to me. >> also we want to talk about,
9:02 am
of course the east coast dodged a bullet with hurricane earl one of those things projected last fall, wobbled further east. people didn't get hurt. >> thank goodness. >> ohio state, i apologize. they're heckling me now. chris, we also have great makeovers coming up today, people who have gone out of their way to do good things for their communities. they've taken up time. they never get a chance to pamper themselves. today they are getting pampered "early" style. >> wonderful candidates. we're so happy they're here with us this morning and can't wait to see exactly what our experts have done with them. all that to get to. first, let's get back inside with betty nguyen who has a check of this morning's headlines. go ahead, guys. take it away. >> thank you, guys. good morning to you. nova scotia is getting battered from what's left of hurricane earl which huffed and puffed up the east coast and weakened into a tropical storm and became more of a nuisance than a threat.
9:03 am
dean reynolds is in massachusetts with the latest. are there any after-effects on the east coast from the storm? >> reporter: not very much. good morning, betty. it's a case of relief around here. there are some power outages very few of them. there is some minor, isolated flooding. but all up and down the east coast, really there was very little damage done by a storm that i think was very rightly downgraded from a category 4 quickly to a category 1. i was talking to some police officers around here who said that there had been regular storms that no one had paid any attention to which had caused much more damage than this supposed hurricane. in indeed, one of the police officers i talked to said that the only victims that he could find to this storm were a few thousand leaves. betty? >> that's not bad at all. okay. cbs news correspondent dean
9:04 am
reynolds joining us live. thank you, dean. now to david bernard of our miami station wfor. i want to ask you this. now that earl has passed are there any other weather systems on the horizon that we should really worry about? >> reporter: as dean was mentioning this morning, things are getting better much quicker in the northeast this morning. just coastal maine seeing some heavier rain but that is beginning to move out. we want to now look back to the east over the tropical atlantic. you know earlier this week we had a tropical storm named gaston around for just one day. it weakened but it may be coming back this weekend. this is a look at our computer models as we go through the labor day holiday into early next week. what was once gaston could come back as a storm and it looks like betty, by the time we get into tuesday and wednesday of next week we could have a significant storm in the caribbean, maybe near puerto rico. >> all right. david bernard from our miami station wfor thank you. in other news new zealand's
9:05 am
prime minister is getting a firsthand look at the damage caused by a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake. there is no word of deaths but there is widespread damage as you can see here. reports indicate some people were trapped but not crushed by the debris. there's also word of looting. early estimates put the cost of the damage to $1.4 billion. the body of experienced mountain climber john abe ram, the son of legendary boxing promoter had been the object of a five-day search. officials say he probably died in a fall. switching gears now, in food news, consumer reports has rated the country's best brgers. at the top of the list lesser known fuddruckers, five guys in and out burger. and proving that qualityntity doesn't always mean quality,
9:06 am
burger king jack in the box and mcdonald's. again, been to all of those. two former egg farmer workers say their complaints about unsanitary conditions were ignored at a farm now at the center of an investigation into a salmonella outbreak and a massive egg recall. joining me now exclusively to talk about those conditions are robert and deanna arnold from garrison iowa. good morning to both of you. you're on "the early show." >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i really appreciate both of you being with us. you say you both worked at this farm. i want to begin with you, robert. what and how long did you work at this farm and what did you see while you were there? >> i had worked for them off and on throughout the '90s. the stuff that i seen there, you come to work in the morning and see -- supposedly it was all cleaned up and you would see egg yolk underneath the belts mixing up with the grease from the
9:07 am
gears and stuff. you would see old eggs getting repacked and putting today's date on them. when i would question that it was, oh, we do that all the time. just go back to work. >> so you questioned it. who did you question it to? >> supervisors. i would look and i would say, you know, these eggs are like five six weeks old. why are we putting today's date on them? oh well they do that all the time. that's what i was told. >> so you were told that you can put five or six-week-old eggs into cartons that have today's date or the most recent date on the carton. is that the kind of thing, given your experience in the industry that you've seen before? is that the kind of thing that happens at other egg farms? >> i can't say about other egg farms. because i've never worked in them, so i don't know how they operate. i know this farm that i was at -- this was the first time i had worked for them.
9:08 am
yeah that was going on at that particular plant. >> would you eat the food that you were producing at the plant? that is to say, would you feel comfortable consuming the very food that you were producing and producing for other people? >> no i wouldn't. i very seldom ate store-bought eggs. i eat a lot of eggs now because we raise our own chickens. no it's like somebody going to the candy store and getting a chocolate bar that's like two months older. i mean it should have been taken off the shelf. >> the company, for its part, has responded to your allegations. they've come out with a statement. we're going to put it on the screen so that everyone can see it here. the issue that the company says you raise with them they say they never heard about it. they say, to their knowledge, there is no recognition that anyone you or your wife or anyone else raised any red flags. how do you respond to that?
9:09 am
>> because when you sit there and you tell a supervisor you know, you go this ain't right. you know we're putting old eggs into the containers. we're putting today's date on them. that's as far as it went. robert you just -- okay, that's just the way it is. go back to work and finish out your day and that's as far as it goes. >> so you stand by your commentary, your feedback that you came to the company you raised red flags with the right supervisors and basically are you say inging that the company is lying? >> i'm not saying they're lying. i'm just saying maybe the main office didn't hear about it because, like i said you're in the plant. you're working. that's the way it is, robert. just go back. go back to work. >> well, robert we appreciate you and your wife deanna being here with us today. >> well thank you. >> and i hope you have a nice weekend ahead. >> you, too. >> thank you. it's about nine minutes after the hour.
9:10 am
time for another check of the weather. here is lonnie. >> kick-off weekend for college football. this is going to work. michael, come up here. what's your college of choice? >> my college of choice is university of georgia. >> you speak a little bit of french today, right there i'm going to need your french in a moment. first i'm taking us to the big picture to show us what's going on with the national scope. hottest spot anywhere will be yuma arizona at 116. the coldest spot international falls, dropping down to a low of 28. the best weather that will be for everybody else. take a look at the national map. really, a little bit of rain in the northern fringe of the country, little bit of rain in the southern fringe but 95% of us have a beautiful holiday
9:11 am
>> talking to my friend michael, and his french knowledge. i'll explain it in a moment. a part of my big shout out to morgan city louisiana. you're saying shrimp and petroleum, you ask? especially after the events of this year. this is the harvest festival and residents say harvesting oil has been just as good for the local economy as fishing for shrimp. let the good times roll or as they would say down there -- [ speaking french ] >> thank you, everybody, watching in lafayette tv-10. it's all yours, mr. wragge. >> lonnie thank you.
9:12 am
great crowd out here. coming you, another early show exclusive, the cinderella of the u.s. open going for her greatest victory, the family of beataries kaplan joins us next on the cbs early show. ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh ♪ [ mom ] walmart checks other stores' prices so we can save on all our game time favorites. aah! [ laughter ] [ dad ] what do you think of that, huh? [ mom ] and if there's a better price out there they'll even match it. which means come game time, i'm just as ready as he is. go! go! yeah! [ mom ] game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. quilted is towel speak for air. but viva puts 35% more towel between you and the mess. 35% more? are you ready to take that 1-step? yes, i'm ready. beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] [ sandy ] try viva® and quit the quilt.
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9:15 am
so good to see 18-year-old beatrice capra is making such a name for herself this year ranked 371st in the world, yet has stunned the tennis world by beating the number 18 seed to make a run. big match against former u.s. open champ maria sharapova.
9:16 am
her family joins us for an "early show" exclusive.
9:17 am
stadium today. >> too many nerves? just can't relax, can you? >> no exactly. exactly. she demonstrated such a presence. >> did you think at this age, ranked 371st she's really taking care of herself very well out there. >> well she's really well mentored. she trains at the everett academy down in boca and john everett oversees her tennis but chris everett has really been
9:18 am
hands on in helping her handle big situations how she felt and a lot of the other tennis pros as well. she had a power hour with billie jean king. so, being around those type of people inspires her. she watches the tennis channel all the time. classic tennis matches. so i think, you know that's where she gets her presence from. >> the three of you -- either one of you can pick up on this. did you know that she was destined for this? has she wanted to be a tennis player her entire life? >> pretty much. >> yeah? >> she started playing tennis at the age of 4. and then she started competing at 9, 10. but we all play tennis. so, we all love the game of tennis. it grew into something that she became better and better at. >> is this luke a defining moment? i know right before the wild card, she was kind of down. she had lost a match she didn't think she was going to lose. all of a sudden here a week later, she's on this national
9:19 am
stage. >> unbelievable. >> do you think this kind of has turned the corner for her as you set her up for the rest of her career? >> i hope so. three weeks ago, she lost in the round of 16 in a national tournament that she was the 2nd seed. she was very disappointed. and she was questioning whether she should try to go pro or play on the tour go into college. college is still an option for her. and she was very down and even going into the wild card tournament, she said i'm going to get some experience some more experience. so, again -- >> more than a little experience. >> yeah. >> this is a career-defining moment. we'll see what happens. >> it comes at you fast. >> you have that right. treacie is her nickname right? >> treacie. >> laurie geovanni good luck
9:20 am
today. try to watch a little bit of the match, not too much pacing around. you can catch it right here on cbs. singer/songwriter is performing here on cbs, coming up. [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the
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9:23 am
not everyone can say their grandparents were in the western swing hall of fame. >> she wrote her first song at age 11. now megan has come out with her debut album. critics love it. no less than oprah winfrey herself called it a must for any ipod. >> that is the critic. >> that's great praise. >> second cup cafemegan
9:24 am
mccormick with "do right." ♪ it's 2:00 tuesday at the bar i'm drinking and i'm thinking about driving away ♪ ♪ i'm gonna sell my soul to rock 'n' roll i don't ever want to see it again count those miles until i get where i'm going i might get there and keep rolling the same ♪ ♪ i can't remember what i came to forget so much we do ♪ ♪ i had a friend and you could be one or the other i kiss your face like a sweet
9:25 am
embrace but i don't want anything ♪ ♪ time to take my time i can't remember what i came to forget so i must be doing something right ♪ ♪ bumming cigarettes trading old regrets ♪ ♪ don't take your life so serious search the days when you get the time ♪ ♪ time to take my time gonna find a revolution
9:26 am
i can't remember what i came to forget so i must be doing something right ♪ ♪ time to take my time gonna find a revolution i can't remember what i came to forget so i must be doing something right ♪ ♪ lord i must be doing something right lord i must be doing something right ♪ >> great work megan. >> thank you so much. >> great to see you. >> yeah great to see you. i can see why oprah says she praises you. how does that feel? >> it's pretty amazing. it's very early. the album just came out a couple weeks ago. it's really exciting. >> just a little bit. >> yeah. >> we appreciate you being herere this morning. for more head to our website,
9:27 am she will be back later on in the show with an encore performance. it thank you
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> come here for a second. move over here real quick. >> bealittle baby. >> youngest college football fan. >> and the cutest too. >> adorable. welcome back to the "early show." i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm rebecca jarvis. three good samaritans will get some very well-deserved pampering. get your grill on. tlt's pit master kevin roberts,
9:31 am
shows us how it is done. he is here. he's a tornado of energy over there. he has burgers, spare ribs hot dogs, buffalo chicken, preparing the ultimate blow-out for your labor day weekend. we have some football fans in the background. >> just a few. >> all that coming up. one final check of this morning's headlines, betty is at the new ss desk. hurry up and get out of here. help may be on the way for homeowners who owe more than their homes are worth. a published report says tuesday president obama could announce a plan for banks to reduce the monthly cost of the mortgage and then have the government hold the mortgage. some estimates say as many as 11 million homeowners are in jeopardy of defaulting. key piece of evidence in determining the cause of the gulf oil disaster is being recovered today. bp is bringing the 300-ton blow-out preventer up from one mile below the surface. hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against bp seeking
9:32 am
damages from the disaster that killed 11 workers and dumped more than 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf. finally, a maze of maze. seven acres of corn have been cut into an amazing maze. there are more than 7,000 feet of trails turns, hidden map pieces. the maze is open from early september to mid november. taking a look at that it seems like it might take you that long to make your way through that maze. those are the headlines at this hour. let's head back outside to lonnie with our last check of the weather. good morning, lonnie. >> good morning to you, too, betty. good morning, america. it's all about the college football, we know that. one more time get your hooting and hollering going. florida state, i got michigan state, i got auburn i got the buckeyes of ohio state. all kinds of fun.
9:33 am
we'll talk about weather all over the good u.s. of a. earl heading to canada. cool temperatures by the great lakes, but generally quiet weather for almost all of the country. strong high pressure system in control in the midsection of the country. that dominates the entire country's weather. yeah, a little bit of wet weather down to the south, little wet weather to the north. take a look at the satellite image. that's it people. we are talking sunshine all throughout the area at least about 95% of the country gets a beautiful, stupendous fantastic, marvelous day today. here is a look at the weather for your weekend.
9:34 am
i hope every team could win today. of course, only half of them can. i'll tell you, rebecca, i'm coming over to visit you with my big hand because, you know something? there's nothing like a makeover. a makeover just is -- it's instant success, i think. >> you've had so many of them in your lifetime lonnie. look how they've paid off. >> none actually come out the way i want. no. it's always fun to watch the before and afters. >> it is fun. we have our experts with us. >> can you take my big blue hand? >> he has been giving big hands to a number of people. just ahead "the early show" is giving special well deserved pampering to good deed doers. the makeovers are coming up next. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs.
9:35 am
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my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain. that helps keep them full so they can focus on the day ahead. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused. for a final labor day gift this morning, we are giving makeovers to three very special people volunteers and good samaritans we thought deserved a little pampering. you'll meet them in a second. first, celebrity hairstylist brian rento and gilbert, who took care of these lovely ladies. first off, stephanie is standing here with us. we'll take a look at her before
9:38 am
shot for a moment. stephanie has helped so many people. she has cared for the families of the disabled. she's cared for loved ones and she is here with us now in her new look. i want to begin with you, brian. what did we do with stephanie's beautiful new look? >> what you can't see in the picture, because her hair was pulled back that her hair was halfway down her back. she showed me some pictures. she wanted it piecy, layered at the bottom not too short on the top. i did that and blew it dry with a big, round brush. it will be easy for her to keep. she looks fabulous. >> i think you look great. how do you feel? >> i feel good. >> the makeup is very soft. >> stephanie has gorgeous, deep brown eyes and i played that up. kept everything else really really sheer. i used green around the eyes to make them more sultry and really soft pink on her lips. >> how does it feel to be pampered in light of the fact that so much of your life is spent taking care of others? >> well it feels really really good and i honestly have never
9:39 am
done that before so -- >> well we're so happy you could join us and do it here with the "early show." you look fantastic. thank you for all that you do for communities. >> all right. >> let's bring out the next individual, tori is coming out, a 15-year-old beauty. she is a little sister in the big brothers big sisters organization and, torie, here is your new look for the viewers to see. looks fantastic. >> thank you. >> love the eyeshadow, by the way. tell us about the green eye shadow gilbert. >> i wanted to really capture the youthfulness and i added a hint of green. we did a classic liner in black, a little bit of mascara. i used the tinted moisturizer to keep her complexion really sheer and a soft, neutral lip. >> looks fabulous i also love the hair. really big, but fun big. >> it was long. the problem with it being so long she has a beautifully shaped oval face but the hair was so long it was dragging it down and making it look like a skinny, little narrow face.
9:40 am
she needed volume and lift. she has natural curl. it wasn't cut to utilize that natural curl. i chopped into it so the curl could come out and used a huge curling iron and added a little texture to it. she can just blow this dry with her fingers. >> it looks so simple and easy to do. how do you feel about it torie? >> it's really nice. i like the new look. >> you wear it well. it looks fabulous. >> thank you. >> you're a little sister in the big brothers big sisters organization. is it something you want to do to grow up and be a big brother, big sister in the program? >> yes. it's really nice for kids my age to go out and have fun. >> i hope you're having fun here today, too. >> yeah. >> great. it's great to see you. thanks so much guys. you did a fabulous job with torie. we will see you in a few minutes. our next guest, erica, who is coming out. your son, erica, has been ill. you've spent a lot of time caring for him. >> yes. >> you are here with us today.
9:41 am
>> yes. >> for your makeover. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> love the entire look. >> thank you so much. >> bryant? >> she's been growing her hair out. so it was in a construction phase. i didn't want to cut it all up because, personally i think it looks great long. but it was very heavy. so, i went into it and i layered it a whole lot. then i put velcro rollers and combed it out with my fingers. it should be easy for her to maintain and a makeover is not always to do such a dramatic change that they don't know who they are. >> good point. >> i loved working with erika. i made her look like herself, but better enhancing her features playing up her eyes adding definition. look at her smile. it's gorgeous. >> it really is. >> with the touch of a neutral lipstick and lip gloss, voila. >> do you get much chance to spoil yourself ever? how does it feel to spoil yourself? >> as a mom, it's never easy to take care of yourselves at times. i'm grateful for this
9:42 am
opportunity. it's been great. >> we are so grateful for you being here with us. thanks, bryant and gilbert as well. thank you, everyone. now over to chris. >> thank you so much. great job over there. we haven't even started the segment yet and our pit master kevin roberts, the ultimate barbecue. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. [ male announcer ] looks clean doesn't it. but look below the surface. your mouth is no different. brushing leaves teeth looking clean but millions of plaque and gingivitis germs are left behind. a 30-second rinse with listerine® antiseptic cleans deeper. [ bomb! ] its unique penetrating formula destroys germs [ bomb! ] brushing leaves behind. [ exhales ] [ male announcer ] listerine®. clean deeper. get healthier™. and to strengthen kids' teeth 99% better than brushing alone get listerine® smart rinse™.
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firing it up here now. three letters no labor day weekend can be without, bbq. host of tlc's barbecue pit master kevin roberts. popular cookbook "munchies." we've doubled your budget. we've given you $80. let's get cracking. >> i'm starting with my tlc summer flip-flops.
9:46 am
>> got to pitch. >> it is the last weekend. i have to have my flip-flops on. >> nice way to work that in. what's on the menu before we get grilling? what are you serving up? >> oh, my gosh. we'll start with a little summer pasta salad, some zucchini boats. quick, simple tasty, right? the burger -- twist on a burger cuban style burger, sonoran hot dog, bacon wrapped hot dog and a little banana boat at the end there, huh? >> grilled banana boat. >> everything is grilled with this guy. let's talk first item up. >> we're doing ribs. big show. barbecue pit master on tlc, those are the real rib masters. i call this the wimpy rib master. here is the trick. mustard. yellow mustard. grab that brush. >> got it. i'm going to paint along? >> yes. vinegar and mustard breaks down the protein to make it nice and tender. also the mustard keeps it nice and tender and also keeps it
9:47 am
moist. now let's add some salt pepper garlic salt brown sugar. >> this is your favorite rub? >> this is actually in my cookbook. cayenne pepper. also the mustard helps to adhere the dry rub. so help me we'll try to do this evenly here. throw this on the grill. remember we're grilling here. >> something i want to ask you about as well. what kind of temperature are we looking at to get the optimal rib grill action going? >> if you want it slow and low, you're looking at 250, 225, somewhere in there. indirect heat. coals are pushed to one side indirect heat. if the coals are spread across that's direct heat. >> get it cranked up a little bit? >> smoky flavor going. >> how long are they on the ribs for? >> about 19 hours. >> a long time i know. >> you're looking -- something
9:48 am
like this -- >> a couple hours? >> hour and a half. >> i was cheating before. >> french's mustard burns off. you're not tasting it but it keeps it nice and moist. >> more like an adhesive. >> i call it my love glue chris. >> enough of that thank you. >> big buffalo wing festival is this weekend. so i said no i don't want to do that. i'm going to be here with chris, doing the big show. i should be slinging wings. i'm going to do my buffalo chicken sandwiches. how is that? the buffalo wing festival original sauce, buffalo wing here is how easy it is. melt some butter grab the sauce. >> i'm eating. >> come on. man up here. >> really go for it. >> see how wimpy that was? there you go. how much. more? more? >> hot soup. >> melted butter red hot. original buffalo flavor. take your grilled chicken.
9:49 am
>> dump it in there? >> dunk it. drown it. and then throw it on the grill? >> then throw it on your sandwich. hold the sandwich. and i'm making bleu cheese cole slaw. >> this will be a little add on? >> you have to have the bleu cheese dressing for the buffalo. >> we have to get cracking here. >> got it? he just wants to eat everything. how about this? this is tradition for me chris, now. >> hello. >> got to wash it down. >> grilled bananas. throw some grilled bananas on there with a little honey. make them really soft. they caramelize anything with heat makes them caramelize. little ice cream on there. >> you want to watch them and you don't want to burn these. let me take a look.
9:50 am
>> there you go. >> guys, come on in here, lonnie, becca, betty. take your pick. talk about some great items here. >> grilled bananas, as you see. >> a la mode. >> little vanilla bean ice cream, you could do. nice and soft caramelized. sweet. >> what did i come in $79.95? >> i don't know. let's pop it up on the screen. $79.06. >> i was close. >> you did a great job. >> fantastic. >> great to see you, kevin. >> would you mind helping us out? >> absolutely. >> grab some items, lonnie. >> all right. who wants ice cream? right? >> i'm going for my -- >> when we come back on "the early show," we'll have a little send-off to the rest of the nation on this labor day weekend. stay with us. we'll be right back. if you want to check out any of these recipes go to
9:51 am they're all there. kevin, thank you so much. we'll be right back as we set the table for our labor day barbecue here on the plaza. [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start.
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9:54 am
welcome back. what better way to round out your makeover than to have some ribs? >> ice cream over there, too. >> and grilled bananas. everybody is making a mess. you guys look great. thank you for joining us and being part of our labor day barbecue. a quick reminder on monday special and unique ways to preserve those gazillion photos you took this summer. emotional moment for "the early show," return of anchor and weatherman mark mcewen, his first "early show" broadcast since suffering a stroke nearly a year ago. >> can't wait to have mark back. we leave you now with megan mccormick singing "things change." ♪ things change
9:55 am
rearrange didn't you know ♪ ♪ well i stare at the ceil inging under the globe something became clear to me i made up my mind and saying good-bye saying good-bye saying good-bye ♪ ♪ i grab my coat and walk to my apartment out in the snow lucky strikes taste much better i'm alone now out of control ♪ ♪ something became clear to me and i made up my mind i'm saying good-bye saying good-bye
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